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Chief of Police Colonel Glenn Caple

Hillview Police Department
283 Crestwood Lane
Louisville, KY 40229
Fax (502)955-6860

The Hillview Police Department is located at 283 Crestwood Lane, known as the Hillview Government Center.  The Police Department entrance is located on the right side of the building and City Hall is located in the front part of the building. We are a full service police agency that currently employs 14 full time Officer's and 1 part time Officer along with 1 Code Enforcement Officer .  Along with the usual police services, our department also participates in the following:

1.    Criminal Investigations: Our agency handles all criminal investigations within our city limits. Our staff has been fully trained to handle criminal investigations from minor thefts to major criminal offenses.

2.    DARE: One of our major objectives is to promote a positive relationship between our department and our city's youth. We feel that one of the key ways to do this is to have regular police interaction with the city's youth from an early age. The DARE Program has been a major success in helping us achieve this goal. Larry Moore is our DARE Officer. He teaches the program at our local elementary schools.

3.    House Watch: This program is to help deter property crimes while residents are out of town or away from their homes for prolonged periods of time. Our officers will be notified of your departure and return dates and will make periodic checks on your property to ensure that it is secure.

4.   Security Evaluations: Our department will be happy to send an officer trained in crime prevention to your business to provide a free risk assessment analysis and offer suggestions on how to reduce your company's risk and make your workplace more secure. 

101 Colonel
Glenn Caple

Email at: GCaple@HillviewPolice.com

102 Major
Ken Straughn

Email at: KStraughn@HillviewPolice.com

103 Sergeant
Bill Mahoney

Email at: WMahoney@HillviewPolice.com

104 Sergeant
Darren Vires

Email at: DVires@HillviewPolice.com

105 Detective
Charles McWhirter

Email at: CMcWhirter@HillviewPolice.com

110 Public Affairs Officer
Roy Raines

Email at: RRaines@HillviewPolice.com

111 Patrol Officer
John Nissen

Email at: JNissen@HillviewPolice.com

112 Patrol & PTO Officer
Scott Creason

Email at: SCreason@HillviewPolice.com

113 Patrol Officer
Danny Cook

Email at: DCook@HillviewPolice.com

114 Patrol Officer
Elliott Clark

Email at: EClark@HillviewPolice.com

115 Patrol Officer

Email at: @HillviewPolice.Com

116 Patrol
Kyle Mcallister

Email to: KMcallister@HillviewPolice.com

117 Patrol and D.A.R.E Officer
Scott Barrow

Email at: SBarrow@HillviewPolice.com

118 Patrol Officer
Michael McNear

Email at: MMcNear@HillviewPolice.com

120 Patrol Officer
Brian Denton

Email at: BDenton@HillviewPolice.Com

171 Code Enforcement Officer
TJ Terhune

Email at: TJTerhune@HillviewPolice.com

Administative Clerk
Bonita Hawkins

Email At: BHawkins@HillviewPolice.com


Email at: @HillviewPolice.Com


283 Crestwood Lane Louisville, Kentucky 40229
 (502) 955-6808 FAX (502) 955-6860
Dispatch:  (502) 955-7480