Police Department

Hillview Police Department

William Mahoney lll, Chief of Police

1191 Hillview Blvd Suite 1

Louisville, KY 40229

Phone: (502) 955-6808

Fax: (502) 955-6860

The Hillview Police Department is located within the Hillview Government Center located at 283 Crestwood Lane. The main entrance to the Police Department is located on the right side of the building, and City Hall is located in the front portion of the building. We are an accredited police agency that currently employs fifteen full-time Police Officers and one civilian employee.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Hillview Police Department is to develop a partnership with the community. Through this partnership, we will work together in
maintaining public peace and improving the quality of life through communication and by providing fair and impartial police services. We are committed
to the preservation of life, protection of property, prevention and detection of crime, enforcing laws & ordinances and protecting the rights of our
citizens. We will constantly strive to maintain a high level of efficiency, professionalism and integrity. We will always do our best to better ourselves as
individual officers and as an agency.

Criminal Investigations

The City of Hillview is continuing to grow everyday, and there is an ever-increasing demand for our
Criminal Investigations Division. The detectives who comprise our unit interact with our Patrol
Division as well as all other state agencies and many federal agencies. The investigations range
from conducting follow-up assistance to investigations in sexual assaults, deaths, robberies,
burglaries, thefts, narcotics, and other felonies.
In addition, evidence & property is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division.

Our Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the handling, storage, safe
keeping, and disposal of the evidence and property confiscated by officers and
detectives. The Criminal Investigations Division is also responsible for submitting
DNA, narcotics, and fingerprint evidence to the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab for
identification purposes.

Patrol Division

It is the function of the patrol division to provide pro-active patrol and efficient response to reported
incidents, 24-7 within the City of Hillview. Often thought of as the "backbone" of the department, the
Patrol Division is charged with the protection of life and property through watchful and constant
patrol coverage.

These officers are the backbone of the Hillview Police Department. Their dedication
and devotion to service & protection of the city's residents is the source of its
reputation as a community-oriented organization. The police department has highly
competent, trained officers and each officer is well-versed in the city's ordinances, as
well as traffic, civil and criminal laws.

House Watch & Business/Residential Checks

This program is to help deter property crimes while residents are out of town or away
from their home for prolonged periods of time. Our officers will be notified of your
departure and return dates, and they will conduct periodic checks on your property to
ensure it is secure.
Throughout the course of their shifts, our officers randomly check businesses as well
as residential homes within the city limits. Upon checking a business or residence,
officers will leave a notification informing you that your business or home was

Fill out a House Watch Request Form

Fill out a Road Block Permit Request Form

Security Evaluation

The Hillview Police Department offers a free service to business & home owners within the city
limits. Once requested, we will send an officer trained in crime prevention to provide a risk
assessment analysis for your home or business. We will also offer suggestions on how to reduce
risk and make your workplace or home more secure.

Social Media

In world history there have been few fundamental shifts in how people move through society, but right now
such a shift is occurring. For centuries, people were introduced and became connected face-to-face. Today
social media outlets provide unparalleled levels of information sharing and social networking.