Public Safety Survey


In our further efforts to provide the best services possible, we want to hear from you! HPD values the opinions and concerns of the community we serve. Please take a few moments to complete this survey, and help us identify areas we need to focus on. This survey is completely voluntary and confidential. 

Thanks in advance for your participation!

SECTION I: Your Community

Are you a Hillview resident?

1. Please rate the seriousness of the following crimes and quality of life issues in the City of Hillview for the past 2 years. (Mark the answer that most closely reflects your opinion) 

Burglary / House Break-Ins


Domestic Violence

Unlawful Drug Use

Unsupervised House Parties

Animal Control Problems

Disorderly Group(s) In Outside Areas



Unlawful Weapon Use


Property Theft


Speeding Motor Vehicles

Poor Driving Attitudes

Drunk Driving

Credit Card & Check Fraud

Computer / Internet Crimes

Skateboarding / Rollerblading In Business Areas

Vehicle Theft

Harassing / Annoying Phone Calls


Parking Problems


Bicycles on Sidewalks

Pedestrian Safety

Public Drinking

Unnecessary Noise

2. Have you ever been the victim of a crime within Hillview?

Did you report the crime to the police?

3. Have you ever been the victim of a crime outside of Hillview?

Did you report the crime to the police?

4. Does your neighborhood have a citizen crime watch group?


If not, would you participate in a crime watch group?

5. In your opinion, compared to other communities in the Louisville area, how safe is Hillview overall?


6. What do you believe about the prevalence of crime in Hillview?


7. How do you feel about personal safety? (Mark the answer that most closely reflects your opinion)

I feel safe at home.

I feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood after dark.

I feel safe walking with others after dark in my neighborhood.

I feel that my personal property is safe when I leave home.

I feel safe when returning home at night.

I feel safe leaving my home/car unlocked during the day in Hillview.

I feel safe walking alone in the Hillview business areas at night.

I feel safe walking with others in the Hillview business areas at night.

SECTION II: The Police Department

8. Please respond whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. (Mark the answer that most closely reflects your opinion) 

The police presence in my neighborhood is appropriate for the need.

Traffic Enforcement in Hillview meets the needs of the community.

The Police Department gives proper attention to minor crimes (i.e. vandalism, disturbances, etc.).

The Police Department is providing appropriate community education and outreach programs.

Efforts of the Police Department to enforce the law are compatible with community needs.

The Police Department responds to emergency calls for service in a timely manner.

Hillview Police Officers treat people with respect.

Hillview Police Officers respect the rights of individuals and treat people fairly.

Telephone calls to the Hillview Police Department are handled professionally and courteously.

A formal complaint against a Hillview Police Officer will receive a fair, objective and timely response.

The Hillview Police Department solicits and welcomes community input.

Hillview Police Officers are respected by the community.

The Hillview Police Department has a good public image.

The Hillview Police Department does its job well.

Hillview Police Officers look professional in appearance.

Police information provided on Hillview Police Department social media sites is useful.

Hillview Police Officers provide timely and useful information to persons reporting crimes.

The Hillview Police Department publicizes its services and programs adequately.

SECTION III: Demographic Information

9. How long have you lived in Hillview?


10. How old are you?


11. How many people are in your household?


12. What is your race?


13. Do you own your home or lease/rent?


SECTION IV: Your Comments

14. The thing I like best about the Hillview Police Department is:


15. The thing I would most like to see improved at the Hillview Police Department is:


16. Please list the most significant values or characteristics that a Hillview Police Officer should possess.


17. What are the top three concerns you have as a resident of Hillview? (does not necessarily have to be crime or police department related)


SECTION V: Potential New Vest For Our Officers

The Hillview Police Department, like most police departments worldwide, utilize a "gun belt" to carry equipment/tools we need to preform our job. An average "gun belt" contains a pistol/gun, gun holster, magazine pouch with extra ammunition, handcuffs (x2), portable radio, collapsible baton, flashlight, OC spray, Taser, battery for body camera and keys. These "gun belts" weigh as much as 20 pounds.

Studies have shown that some veteran officers with 10 - 20 years of experience have lower back pain, leg & hip problems, numbness & tingling of the upper thighs, sciatica and other nerve ailments. These chronic physical ailments have been directly related to years of wearing a "gun belt". 

The Hillview Police Department is currently evaluating a new type of load bearing vest (LBV) for our officers. The LBV will allow officers to carry 80% of their equipment/tools on the exterior portion of the LBV while Level III ballistic panels can be inserted into the vest. The LBV will reduce the weight on the officer's hips and distribute weight onto the shoulders in a more natural way all while maintaining a professional appearance. This will also reduce future worker's compensation claims, keep our officers healthy, safe and improve ergonomics.  

Many law enforcement agencies across the nation such as the Los Angeles Police Department, Chicago Police Department, Portland Police Department, just to name a few, recognize the importance of making the change to the LBV. 

HPD wants to know your opinion. View the picture below, and let us know if you would be opposed to our officers wearing the LBV?


Utilize the box below to leave your comments or concerns related to the LBV topic.

Thank You For Your Input

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